Hi my name is Alyssa and I am inspired! I was born and raised in California in the Inland Empire and now live in sunny a.k.a. hot Arizona with my super cute husband (pictured) and 2 baby kitties (not pictured). I like coffee with my cream and if I could, I would change to have two different colored eyes!...One brown and one green.

I graduated with my BFA in Fine Art Photography from Cal State Long Beach.  And yes, I traded the beach for the desert for a man I love (said husband). My favorite number is 13, I don't have any tattoos and if I could buy all of Kate Spade ♣️ I would.


To me, happiness is laughing. Always. And that’s what I do, laugh…like non-stop and sometimes WAY too loud.


I asked my incredible husband “If you could describe me in 3 colors what would they be?” He literally chose 3 different shades of pink and I could not have been more right about marrying that man.


I am a kitchen dancer, car singer, dashboard drummer and of course, baby kitty lover. Also, I don't care how much glitter there is, I want it ALL!


I believe that your soul really does knows when it’s on to something and that's why I'm so passionate about giving you the opportunity to be reminded of the love you have in your life and allowing you to see and feel the moments that will never be forgotten. There is so much beauty and creativity in this world all we have to do is look!